Ciprofloxacin 500 Mg Dosage

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About Aurora Art Studios

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Aurora Art Studios is a gallery and artists’ studio space at 875 Fourth Street in Downtown San Rafael, an area with other art and gallery attractions. The gallery is dedicated to resident artists 
who help operate the gallery and have studio space at the gallery.
The studio space is contiguous with the gallery and, atelier style,
is a shared space in which the artists can be seen at work. The artists have additional studios located elsewhere; this is their “retail” studio, one in which they work but not their primary studio. The studio/gallery opened in December, 2010. The artists cover the gallery and work while on their shift and any other time they choose, may teach individuals or small groups, and may leave their work set-up in their studio area so that customers can see work in process. The art on display in the gallery changes regularly. The gallery is open Tuesday thru Saturday 11:30 to 5:30 and by appointment. Of the five resident artists, two are photographers and four are painters, and one works
]primarily in pastels. One painter focuses on still life and landscape,
another on illustration, fantasy, figure, and landscape, and the remaining two
primarily on portraiture. The gallery has 100 lineal feet of display area.
The shared studio has an additional 120 lineal feet of informal display area.


Some images of the gallery grand opening: